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Cosmetic Dentistry in Shreveport, LA

Unlock the Power of a Beautiful Smile

Get the perfect smile with our help.

A stunning smile can be your most powerful asset, boosting your self-confidence and leaving memorable first impressions. At Loud Family Dental, our cosmetic dentistry solutions are tailored to your unique needs, goals, and budget. Whether you seek to enhance your career prospects, re-enter the dating scene, or simply radiate confidence in your daily life, we have the treatments to help you achieve your dreams.

Our Cosmetic Dentistry Options

While each smile makeover is unique, combining the following treatments can help you achieve your desired results:


Teeth Whitening:

Eliminate years of tooth stains, revealing a brighter, more youthful smile. Professional teeth whitening erases deep stains from habits like smoking, coffee, or red wine consumption. It is often recommended as the first step in your smile transformation journey.


Custom Dental Veneers:

Instantly correct misshapen, discolored, crooked, or uneven teeth with custom veneers. Crafted by hand for a perfect fit, veneers are a dramatic and efficient way to enhance your smile.


Dental Bonding:

Address minor imperfections such as chipped teeth or small gaps with dental bonding. This minimally invasive procedure requires little to no numbing and can provide a seamless appearance to your smile.


White Fillings:

Say goodbye to traditional silver fillings. Our experts use composite restorations that match your natural tooth color, resulting in a healthier and more attractive smile.


Implants for Missing Teeth:

Replace missing teeth with dental implants topped by porcelain crowns or bridges. The result is a solution that both looks and feels like real teeth, allowing you to smile with confidence.


Porcelain Crowns:

When a tooth is too damaged for a small filling, porcelain crowns offer full coverage protection. They strengthen weak areas while enhancing your smile's appearance.

Aligning your bite not only boosts your confidence but also enhances your oral health. At Loud Family Dental, we offer ClearCorrect, a clear aligner system that provides the benefits of straighter teeth without traditional braces.

Your Personalized Smile Makeover Plan

Dr. Rodrick Loud and our team will work closely with you to design a customized smile makeover plan that aligns with your concerns, goals, and budget. We understand that no two smile makeovers are identical. During your consultation, we'll explore what you like or dislike about your current smile, and what you want to change, and discuss the available options.

What to Expect During Treatment

The number of appointments needed at our Shreveport office depends on the cosmetic dentistry services you select.
We will guide you through your treatment plan, detailing which teeth or procedures will be addressed at each visit, the estimated duration, and associated costs. Your comfort is our priority, and we strive to make your experience as positive and anxiety-free as possible.

An Investment in Yourself

A captivating smile is a valuable asset, especially when embarking on a new career, pursuing a promotion, or planning a dream wedding. Your smile is an accessory you wear every day, and feeling great about it can boost your confidence and enhance your interactions. Research suggests that people with whiter, straighter teeth tend to make better impressions and are often associated with higher salaries. Your investment in your smile can significantly enrich your lifestyle.

Your Smile's Lifelong Partner

Unlock your smile's potential by scheduling a consultation with our cosmetic dentist in Shreveport. Discover the options available to transform your smile and boost your self-assuredness. Contact us today to start your smile makeover journey.