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Health Benefits of Straighter Teeth

Get the perfect smile with our help.

At Loud Family Dental, we understand that having straighter teeth is about more than just aesthetics.

How We Can Help?

It can significantly impact your oral health, reducing the risk of complications such as:


Excessive Damage and Fracturing:

Abnormal biting patterns can lead to enamel wear, causing teeth to break or wear against each other.


Worn Down or Broken Restorations:

Unhealthy relationships between upper and lower teeth can damage crowns and fillings.


Tooth Decay:

Crooked or crowded teeth are harder to clean, making them more susceptible to decay.


Gum Disease, Bone, and Tooth Loss:

Similar to tooth decay, gum disease can result from challenging-to-clean teeth.


TMJ Disorders, Migraines, and Headaches:

Misaligned teeth can strain jaw muscles, leading to discomfort over time.

Aligning your bite not only boosts your confidence but also enhances your oral health. At Loud Family Dental, we offer ClearCorrect, a clear aligner system that provides the benefits of straighter teeth without traditional braces.

Six Month Smiles

If you seek a beautiful, straight smile without the visible appearance of traditional braces, consider Six Month Smiles. This modern orthodontic treatment combines the effectiveness of braces with a cosmetic touch, offering the following advantages:

● Lucid-Lok® clear brackets and Chameleon™ tooth-colored wires are barely visible.● Average treatment time is only six months.● Focuses on the cosmetic appearance of your teeth, using low force with no extra "tightening."

Six Month Smiles is suitable for adults aged 15 and older with crooked or spaced teeth, particularly those not requiring a major bite alteration.


Loud Family Dental offers Fastbraces® for both adults and children. Fastbraces® is an affordable alternative to traditional braces, designed to move tooth roots and crowns simultaneously, reducing treatment time to months rather than years.
Fastbraces® treatment is comfortable, with lower force and fewer risks compared to traditional orthodontics. If you have misaligned teeth and desire a more efficient orthodontic solution, Fastbraces® may be ideal for you.

Preferred Aligners

Preferred Aligners provide a clear, removable orthodontic tray system at a more affordable cost than some alternatives. These aligners offer the following benefits:

● Discreet treatment, virtually invisible to others.● Repositions teeth using mild pressure, with no brackets or wires.● Regular short check-in visits for progress monitoring.● Clear retainers to maintain results after treatment.

Removable clear braces like Preferred Aligners allow you to eat, brush, and floss with ease while enhancing your smile.

Athletic Mouthguards

Protect your child during sports activities with custom-made athletic mouthguards. Even friendly neighborhood games can lead to dental injuries, so ensure your children have the proper protective gear for their oral safety.

Nightguards (for teeth grinding)

Children who grind their teeth at night can damage tooth surfaces. We offer comfortable nightguards to prevent further harm, ensuring the future of their teeth remains intact.

Preventative Space Maintainers

When primary (baby) teeth are lost prematurely due to injury or disease, they can cause neighboring teeth to shift out of place, potentially leading to future dental issues. We can place temporary space maintainers to keep your child's teeth aligned until their permanent teeth emerge, preventing problems like crowding and crookedness.

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